Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training
Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training
Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training

Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training

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This is a digital online course

Teenagers are constantly changing, and so is the world around them. Our ministry approaches need to change with them. Sticky Faith Innovation equips your team to cultivate lasting faith in teenagers and adapt your ministry to their most pressing needs.

Our 6-session, self-paced online training will guide you and your team as you compassionately listen to your young people, respond creatively with fresh ideas, and take courageous steps to implement a new, purposeful approach in your ministry.

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Through this step-by-step innovation process, you’ll:

  1. Build an innovation team of leaders, volunteers, and teenagers
  2. Empathize with and listen to teenagers to fuel your innovation
  3. Interpret and make sense of young people’s lives and experiences
  4. Expand your ministry imaginations beyond the norm
  5. Narrow to your best ideas and discern the way forward as a team
  6. Experiment and launch, to turn your best ideas into reality

Hosted by the Fuller Leadership Platform, this digital training course is packed with videos from FYI’s innovation experts as our research and insight guide your team through each step of the innovation process.         

Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training is a companion to the book, Sticky Faith Innovation. To best engage this training experience, each team member will need their own book copy. Order books in the FYI store and take advantage of our sale price! 

We know innovation isn’t a one-time need. When you purchase Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training, you’ll be able to use the course to innovate with your team again and again—no additional purchases or payments necessary.

PLUS, you’ll get a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute coaching call with an experienced FYI innovation leader when you purchase the training course!

Your purchase of this training licenses is for the use of one leader and his/her team. Upon purchase, you will be able to create a login for the team leader, who will then guide his/her team through the training live, either meeting in person or online. Purchase more than one license if you need login credentials for multiple team leaders who will be guiding their own teams through the training.