Young Adult Ministry Now
Young Adult Ministry Now
Young Adult Ministry Now

Young Adult Ministry Now

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Available in both print and digital versions.

Churches need young adult ministry now because the Church needs young adults—now.

If you feel stuck trying to support young adults in a church that cares but often misunderstands them…

If you long to connect the passions of young adults with the resources of your church… 

If you need new, reliable steps to take as you accompany young adults on their spiritual journeys… 

… then this book is for you. 

Building on over a dozen years of research working intensively with over 40 congregations, 80 ministry leaders, and 80 young adults, Young Adult Ministry Now unites fresh wisdom on ministry innovation with FYI’s landmark Growing Young insights to give you a ministry guide you can count on.

Every chapter offers you practical tips and strategies to challenge common myths about today’s young adults, focus your creativity, connect courageously, and amplify your young adult ministry.

You need young adult ministry now because young adults need you—now.

Don’t let your vision for young adults become worn out and powerless. This 123-page ebook will guide you to create a spiritually thriving young adult community in your church.

The ebook is delivered in both PDF and EPUB formats. 

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