18 Plus: Parenting Your Emerging Adult
18 Plus: Parenting Your Emerging Adult

18 Plus: Parenting Your Emerging Adult

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by Steven Argue and Kara Powell

You’ve parented for 936 weeks, and your kid has graduated and moved on to what’s next. Whether they still live at home or you’ve already converted their room into a workout studio, you might be in the best phase of your kid’s life. While parenting won’t look the same anymore, it isn’t over yet. Your kid still needs you.

Eighteen Plus is a guide to help you parent in this new unfamiliar phase. You will discover how your emerging adult is changing, how their world is changing, and what they still need from you (besides more money.)

What others are saying about 18 Plus:

“Not only is the Phase Guides series the most creative and well thought out guide to parenting I have ever encountered, these books are ESSENTIAL to my daily parenting. With a 13-year-old, 11-year-old, and 9-year-old at home, I am swimming in their wake of daily drama and delicacy. These books are a reminder to enjoy every second. Because it’s just a phase.”

Carlos Whittaker, author, speaker, and father of three

“We all know where we want to end up in our parenting, but how to get there can seem like an unsolved mystery. The Phase Guides series … is a resource that guides us through the different seasons of raising children and provides a roadmap to parenting in such a way that we finish up with very few regrets.”

Sandra Stanley, foster care advocate, blogger, wife to Andy Stanley, and mother of three

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